About Us

Jason Celski
Designated Broker

Jason was raised in Richland, and after high school won appointment to the Air Force Academy to serve his country and become a fighter pilot. However, a minor health limitation encouraged Jason to seek another path to law school. After graduating from Seattle University, Jason established his legal practice, specializing in family and real estate law. In 2012, he purchased the family’s long-time real estate business. Through his estate business and legal practice, Jason is uniquely positioned to help clients with home or commercial purchasing and management of their real estate assets.

Carolyn (Corrado) Celski

Carolyn was born and raised in the Tri-Cities and over the years, witnessed the unprecedented growth in the area. Her early years were marked by active participation in school events and charities, and a deep love for dance. After high school, Carolyn attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where she graduated with a Bachelors in Interior Architecture and Design.


Prior to her move back to the Tri-Cities, Carolyn worked with and was exposed to some of the best design firms in the world, which piqued her interest in real estate. Today, Carolyn specializes in commercial and residential real estate and interior design, where her education and dynamic nature prove a valuable combination toward client success.

Thea Likens
Real Estate Broker & Property Manager

Thea was born in Denver, Colorado and has been a Tri-Cities resident since 2005. After high school, she attended the University of Phoenix where she studied accounting and established her background in property management. From there, Thea moved to Colorado Springs where she practiced interdisciplinary skills in accounting, real estate and property management for a large multi-family housing company.


After relocating back to the Tri-Cities, Thea became a licensed real estate associate in Washington state. Celski and Associates is happy to welcome Thea home, where her dedication to providing the best customer service possible makes her a great asset to our team.

Mike was born and raised in Richland and has—for the most part—been a lifelong resident, which gives him unique insight into the many varied geographical locations for business and residential properties. Following his high school years, Mike studied business and finance at Boise State University while working in the sporting goods industry to help with school expenses. Since 2005, Mike has worked for two companies providing marketing services for high-value products, a skill particularly well suited to real estate investments by companies and individuals.

Jeff Spelgatti
HOA Accountant

Jeff was raised in the Spokane area and relocated to the Tri-Cities in 1994. After many years as a manager/owner/operator in the hospitality and service industry, Jeff went on to pursue and obtain his Bachelor degree in Accounting and Business Management. Jeff recently joined the Celski and Associates team. He specializes in homeowners association accounting and brings with him valuable customer service and fiduciary experience.